The first steps for Munzur water, which you have been drinking with pleasure since 2005, were taken with the efforts of 14 patriot person in 1999, and then more volunteers added support to this project.
We started filling operations at 1st of July, 2005 at our remote plant located in Ovacik, Tunceli province, Turkey. Munzur is a true success story started by a committed and determined group of men and women.

We have come to the point where we are today, growing bigger and bigger each year, without giving up and taking a step back against the limited opportunities and the extraordinary challenges of the region. Words are not enough to describe the efforts of hundreds of partners, devoted managers and workers of Munzur A.Ş in this success story.

Munzur A.Ş, the company which delivers Munzur water to you, is a multi-partner start-up with 250 partners. The goal of our company is to provide employment in the region as well as to run a profitable business.

Currently, more than 70 full-time workers are working in our factory and employees are offered opportunities above the country and industry standards.


  • Munzur’s filling plant is located in Ovacik district, a town near the Munzur springs at the foot of the Munzur Mountains, east Anatolia, Turkey.
    The filling process is carried out with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, in high-level hygiene and safety conditions, with the effort of our experienced and trained employees.
    There are no industrial, agricultural or residential activities around or nearby spring water.
    Munzur is a water with an unique taste, rich in minerals and alkaline properties, extremely beneficial for everyone but especially for women and children.